Registration for 2018 are closed. You can registrate for 2019 !

Please collect all the necessary information before you fill in the form!

Also read the Contract of Participation (in french, english contract coming soon), which must be signed if your group is selected.

1. Formal data

Voulez-vous un accompagnant pour vous guider dans Moudon, ou connaissez-vous suffisamment la ville ?

2. Contact person

3. Presentation of your group for the Festival site

The more complete your presentation, the bigger the audience you might expect!

4. Material

NB: there will be no MUSIC STANDS available at the Festival.

Pour les FANFARES, le Festival met à disposition sur scène :

  • A complete drum kit without cymbals or sticks
  • xylophone without mallets
  • two kettledrums without sticks

5. Bank Details

ex.: CH86 9875 7654 2000 9876 09




Note: sending a large file might take a few minutes!


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